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To enter, just visit this facebook post:…

And share the picture publicly. Starting at noon this Saturday (Melbourne, Australia time), I will randomly choose a winner out of the list of people who shared the pic.

Best of luck to everyone! <3
The man has gotten criticisms in addition to likes but I have to admit, he is one of my favorite photographers not just in talents but in personality and professionalism as well. His work continues to get better and better and I am super grateful to be able to be a part of that.

If you guys haven't seen his newest Lara pic from our latest set titled "torchlight", then I encourage you to check it out:…


No, you may not. I am very generous with letting people use my photos and almost always say yes if they ask. But if you use it without permission, especially in the big upcoming contest, I will find out about it and report it. If this becomes a serious problem I will have to take further action in protecting my work. So please, guys, don't ruin it for everyone. I prefer to play nice.
Check out this video to find out how we did the cliff hanging shots, motorbike riding, and other photos featured in my latest shoot with Adam Jay of Superhero Photography.

Click Here:

I was fortunate enough to have another shoot with Adam Jay of Superhero Photography the other day. It was a busy day full of photos, stunts, motorcycle crashes, and gorgeous sunsets. Once again, magic is made which seems to be a trend while working with this talented individual. I have started posting up the first of the photos but if you are eager to see them all right now, you can see them on facebook…

There are a few behind the scenes pictures and will be a behind the scenes video of our shoots in the coming week or two. Also, stay tuned for even more photo shoots very very soon.

Rumor has it there's a hacker on dA, hacking people and blocking our friends to make them block us! You'll then be banned from dA.

If I'm being a jerk, saying stuff like "Shut up," "Get lost", or "I don't want to see you on my page anymore", that's not really me. That's the hacker.

Forward this message before someone gets hurt!
Went to Hopetoun Falls for an epic photoshoot for the upcoming Tomb Raider game. This location was spectacular and well worth the 3 hour drive at dawn to get there, as well as the insanely bitter cold weather. I got to try out my new climbing axe on real rock and for the terrain I was trekking, this thing was an absolute necessity. I can confidently say that the axe is the most useful tool that Lara will have in the game in my opinion. I also got to try my hand at some archery, shooting a bow for the very first time. (with no people or animals around, of course).

I am incredibly excited about how the pictures and videos came out and am eager to show them all to you!

Until then, happy raiding!

<3 Jenn
I know I have been getting some print requests on some of my photos. Unfortunately, Deviant Art will not sell you any prints of my Lara cosplay pictures, even if they aren't named Lara or categorized in cosplay.

Because of this, I opened a shutterfly account and have uploaded a few select pictures for anyone to buy prints from if they want them. I think they go up to 20x30.

You can view my prints gallery here:…

And you should definitely check out the WIP on his latest project for the Tomb Raider Fan Art Competition:…

He used one of my photos and did a lovely job. Thanks for picking me to be the lucky lady model for your piece and thanks for being awesome.

Now everyone go to his page and look at all his wonderful art and show the guy some love! :)

I haven't had the chance to upload them here yet but you can check them out here:


<3 Jenn
I added a new gallery of images by Adam Jay of Superhero Photography, which include some photos I haven't yet uploaded onto my gallery here. Check it out! Otherwise, wait for me to upload the rest. Cheers!

Click here to visit:
I have finally gave in to the masses and created a twitter account. You can find and follow me here:!/_JennCroft_ if that's your kinda thing. ;)
Check it out here:… LOL, this is what happens when I get very bored on the weekend.
My video from the trip is finally complete.

Click here to watch:
It has come to my attention that a few Tomb Raider specific groups have recently started accepting nude raider "cosplay" photos. Although I may not personally like Nude Raider, I acknowledge that it is very popular among certain fans and is a piece of traditional Tomb Raider culture. I respect people's like for it and would not suggest to anyone that they shun this corner of the Tomb Raider community in any way.

I will, however, withdraw all of my pictures and leave any group that I discover to also contain naked pictures of Lara Croft, especially sexually suggestive and/or pornographic pictures.

I respect their choice to make/display this art but I cannot and do not wish to be affiliated with this in any way.

I am sorry to Cosplay-Raider and Tomb-Raider-Empire tomb-raider-empire.deviantart.… I offended you by doing this, but as a cosplayer I have my own personal standards and a certain reputation to maintain.

<3 Jenn
Sorry I've been away for the past few months. Cosplay had to be on a back burner for a while because of all the traveling I've been doing. Last month I went to my first base jumping event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Once a year, to celebrate the anniversary of KL Tower Menara, the locals invite 100 base jumpers to come jump off their tower for four days and two nights. It was the best vacation of my life. Check out the photo I just posted to see the awesome view of the city, and be on the lookout for the video I should have completed and edited by sometime next week.

In addition to Malaysia, I also had to travel back to California and managed to get in a base jump there as well, along with hanging out with friends I haven't seen in a while. On top of all this, I have started a rigorous workout regimen since I got back. I am now running 4 miles (~6.35km) per day and doing extensive strenth training. My body hates me but soon I hope to be back in top Croft shape!

I have been researching the perfect locations for a new Tomb Raider 2012 photoshoot and I think I may have found it. Planning will begin for it and hopefully this season I will be able to take the trip and make it an adventure.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Stay awesome. :D
I'm bored so I stole this from Athora-X, who has awesome Lara cosplay pics ^_^

1. Did you do the 150 questions?
Shouldn't this question be at the end?

2. So, what was the last magazine you read?
Some Australian tabloid magazine at the doctors office.

3. Do you have Tumblr?

4. Who is your favourite celebrity?
I don't really have one, as I don't really follow their lives.

5. If you could and someone else could a Land Rover Defender anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you go with?
I'm not sure what this question means but if I had a Defender, I would take it to a desert somewhere and go off some sick jumps with it. Id drive it like it was free.

6. What are you listening to at the moment?
Magic Fountain by Art vs Science

7. If you could be any size in the world, what size would it be?
I'm happy with my size except for my feet, which I wish were shorter to make buying shoes easier.

8. What is your worst habbit?
I bite the inside of my mouth. I really should stop.

9. What do you more: Bitching or being bitched about?
I have no idea if people bitch about me or not but I don't really bitch about others either. I guess it's in the middle?

10. Favourite car?
I'm more of a truck person. I'm simple, I get a lot of enjoyment out of my Toyota truck but I also have fun driving my dads old Corvette Stingray. Anything with a clutch I'll have fun driving.

11. What do you hate about yourself?
I really wish I was more ambitious.

12. What would be your dream job?
Professional base jumper. Get paid to fly.

13. Do you wear a necklace?
I do. It has deep significant meaning, yo.

14. Can you surfboard?
Never tried.

15. Who's your closet friend on D/A?
LaraCroft, LysiaAdventures and Charbuul

16. Do you get annoyed easily?
If I'm trying to sleep, yes. Otherwise, no.

17. Do you believe in Karma?
Karma is the balance of nature. Without it there would be imbalance and I hate to think what that might bring.

18. If you became famous and had to write your own autobiography, what would it be called and why?
Tales of Nignoggery

19. Do you want to be a parent when you are older?
Haven't decided.

20. What do you hate about people on D/A?
I hate it when people reject your picture for their group and don't explain why. I find it extremely rude.

21. are you affaid to say what you think?
No, unless it's to spare an innocent person their feelings.

22. Shy or loud?
Shy sober, loud intoxicated

23: Tidy or Messy?
Tidy for sure

24: Bitchy or nice?

25. Hate or Love Marmite?
I almost puke from the smell alone.

26. Ribena or Vimto?

27. Rihanna or Taylor Swift?
Rihanna takes punches like a champ and doesn't let any guys get away with it. She's awesome.

28. Car or Motorbike?

29. What county would you like to own?
I don't really want to own a county. Sounds like a lot of work.

30. What would be your dream holiday?
Base Jumping in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland and jumping KL Tower in Malaysia (which I'll be doing next month!)

31. Jeremy Clarkson or Tiff Needell?
Who are they?

32. What are you doing right now?
Drinking mulled wine, watching cartoons on

33. What is your ultimate wish?
My ultimate wish is for people to be kinder and more aware of how they impact others. Nothing would make me happier.

34. What magazines do you like to read?
I don't really read magazines much but I like videogame magazines, tabloids (guilty pleasure), and national geographic

35. Religious or Non-Religious?

36. What is your worst nightmare?
Living a boring normal life.

37. Top Gear or Fifth Gear?
Top Gear

38. Have you ever been to Top Gear Live?
No, sounds like fun though.

39. What is your biggest hate?
People who pick on other people. Oh and spiders.

40. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Yes and I love them all, specially my sister.

41. Do you have a wii?
No, but I wish I did.

42. Do you like cheese?
Of course

43. Do you like to eat fruit and veg?

44. What are your top 3 favourite TV shows?
1. Game of Thrones
2. Dexter
3. Merlin

45. Describe yourself in 5 words.
Fun, funny, outgoing, clever, athletic

46. Do you have a bath or a shower?

47. If you went to a club and you were allowed to put any song on, what song would it be?
I would play a remixed version of Nyan Cat for the lolz.

48. Are you sexy or dull?
I'd say somewhere in between.

49. Dream "Night Fun"?
English please?

50. Childish or Serious?

51. If you had to choose between: Tumblr or Facebook, what would it be?
facebook by default, since I don't use tumblr

52. Favourite slogan T-shirt?
<---He loves the cock

53. Favourite colour?
Black and teal

54. Do you own a pair of Converses?
All black ones, yeah.

55. Do you have an iPhone?
Yes but I didn't pay for it, woot!

56. Believe in life after death?
I think it's more of a hope than a belief.

57. Who would you absoutley love to kiss right now?
my kitty and she's right here! MUAH!

58. Do you get bullied?
In middle school, I did. It makes me mad just thinking about it.

59. Do you like tomatos?

60. Do you like Doctor Who?
Never watched it but I want to.

61. Have you ever watched one of the Austin Powers films??
I've seen all of them. They were lolz

62. If you was stuck on a deserted Island who would you want to be on there with and what 3 things would you have with you?
Helicopter, booze, a parachute, and a helicopter pilot.

63. Best Daydream?
The one where you're standing in the super market daydreaming about some thugs coming in to rob the joint and you get to be the hero who kicks their ass and saves the day.

64. Worst DayDream?
When I picture something bad happening to someone who doesn't deserve it. Like seeing a little kid eating ice cream and fantasizing about what their reaction would be if I were to hit their ice cream onto the floor.

65. When did you last laugh so hard you got astomach ache?
The other night, watching the fail compilation videos on youtube.

66. Favourite leg wear?
cargo pants

67. Knickers or Girl Boxers?

68. What do you want to be when you are older?
Same thing I am now, only with a bit more wealth

69. Year of birth?

70. Do you believe in Santa?

71. Do you need braces?
Already had them, so no.

72. Do you eat alot of junk food?
Yes. Way too much, entirely.

73. Are you in love?
You mean infatuated? no. But there are lots of people in my life who I love.

74. Do you miss someone right now?

75. How tall are you?

76. What female inspires you?
Steph Davis, an awesome female climber and base jumper

77. Do you hate stalkers?
I don't really care, but then again I haven't been stalked to great lengths before either.

78. Who was the last person you said 'I love You' too?
Either my mom or my sister.

79. Do you wish you could be held and told you were loved?
I CAN be held and told I'm loved so I guess I don't wish it since I can have it.

80. Have you ever made a wish on a coin and put it in a wishing well?
When I was a kid. Now I view it as a waste of cash!

81. What is the incident you most regret?
I have a few that resulted in lost friends which I really regret since they were awesome people.

82. Ever died?
Never flatlined, no.

83. Do you believe in Ghosts?
I'm still undecided on that.

84. Do you have a nick name?

85. Do you love you family?

86. Do you wish you were famous?
Absolutely not. Id rather be rich than famous any day.

87. If you had children and it was 1 little boy and 1 little girl what would you call them?
Herp and Derp

88. What would you love more than anything?
My lifestyle. I wouldn't change it for anything.

89. Do you like JLS?
Whats that?

90. Who are your favourite female singer(s)?
The chick from Arch Enemy

91. Who are your favourite male singer(s)?
Chris Cornell

92. Favourite actress?
Angelina Jolie

93. Favourite actor?
Gerard Butler (drool)

94. Who are you jealous of?
I am jealous of all my friends who have the money to go on crazy jumping expeditions in Europe and the friends who have the cash to make all the awesome cosplays they want.

95. What would be your ideal party?
It would have a slip n slide with crocodile mile attached, a bounce house, an ice slide for alcohol shots, lots of little people but not for entertainment but merely as drinking buddies, and in the evening it would be dj'd by Daft Punk with lots of black lights and colorful lasers, and be attended by only the coolest people on the planet. Costumes would be more than welcome!

96. Do you have a dirty or clean mind?
My mind is about as clean as Charlie Sheen's alcohol levels.

97. Do you like sleepovers?

98. Can you count to a million?
I have no interest in such things.

99. Favourite childhood memory?
Going to italy with my dad and sister

100. Are you ready to answer another 50 questions?
bring it, I guess

101. What do you hate about school?
Getting up early in the morning was the worst part.

102. What is your favourite subject at school?

103. What do you do in your spare time?
Cosplay, Videogames, Rock Climbing, Jumping off and out of stuff, Motorbikes

104. Do you take life seriously?
Never, and screw the people who do. Your happiness will drown in all that seriousness.

105. Do you like being told what to do?
No unless it's a matter of life and death.

106. Are you happy at the moment?
I am happy and looking forward to a few things as well.

107. Do you like your picture taken?
Kinda. I really enjoy looking at the pictures later than I do posing for them.

108. Have you planned your future?

109. Do you want to be a singer when you are older?
I only sing during kareoke

110. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?
I would like to be more ambitious and dedicated.

111. How many computers/Laptops do you have in your house?
About 5 or so. Only one of them is mine.

112. Do you own a iPod?
Yes but I never use it.

113. How often do you take a bath?

114. Out of all your best friends, who do you talk about the "dirty" stuff with?
I don't discriminate. I talk about incredibly dirty stuff with all of them.

115. How often to do you listen to music?
All the time at work, sometimes at home.

116. Do you have dreams you want to conquer before you are 30?
30 for me isn't that far off and I have conquered almost all of my goals, save for rock climbing up a large cliff face only to jump off it.

117. Has your parents ever told you, You are strange or gave you a funny look when you do something stupid?
Always. It's a regular thing with mine.

118. What is the most embarrassing thing your parents have done to you?
I have suffered so much embarassment in my childhood that I don't get embarassed anymore. Nothing other people do or say embarasses me, only the stuff I do myself.

119. Have you ever been a bridesmaid before?
Once before and going to be again very soon.

120. Have you got your ears pierced?
Twice professionally, once myself.

121. How often to do you smile?
Many times a day.

122. Would you die for the one you love?
Probably. :(

123. Who is like a sister to you out of your friends?
Ashley aka LaraCroft on DA

124. Do you like cuddles?
Of course!!

125. Do you like to be kissed by a boy/girl?
I have enjoyed both, but Im not gay.

126. Do you love writing?
I enjoy reading more.

127. Do you like injections?
Depends on whats in it. ;)

128. Do you watch Eastenders?

129. What colour is your hair?
Reddish brown

130. Where is your favourite holiday loaction?
I really want to go to Lauterbrunnen Switzerland.

131. When is your birthday?
Thats classified info.

132. Romantic or foreplay?
aren't they the same thing?

133. Racing or cruzing?
Racing for sure.

134. Lilles or Roses?

135. Happy or Sad?

136. Sun or Rain?

137. Snow or Thunder Storms?
Thunder and lightning for the win!

138. Childish or Grown up?

139. Sex before or after marriage?
Only a fool buys a car without test driving it first.

140. Lies or Truth?
Truth always trumps lies.

141. Are you on facebook?

142. Winking or Smirking?

143. Winner or Loser?
I was losing before but now Im winning.

144. PLay fair or cheating?

145. Who would you LOVE to marry?
Im not even sure I want to marry.

146. Who would you love to get lost with?
Bear Grylls so that I can laugh at him when he drinks his own piss as well as my own.

147. Who would you like to go on a world tour with?
Ashley, or any of the other airwhores. Oh yeah and LysiaAdventures too.

148. Who would you like to go on a motorbike tour with?

149. Who would you like to go shopping with?
Lady Gaga. I'd come home with so much bizarre shit.

150. Who would you love to go car shopping with?
I love car shopping with my dad since he is a good haggler.

151. Who would you love to go for a day at the Horses with?
Anyone who likes getting drunk because I could never get through that shit sober!
Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Been busy working two jobs which leaves little time for cosplay. I have some photos that still need to be edited and uploaded but I just haven't had the time or motivation. Soon I will be back on the ball and posting pictures again.

<3 Jenn
I am now one of the 12 grand prize winners of the OHMS Gamer Girl's Contest! Thanks to everyone who voted, I couldn't have done it without you! For those of you who will be attending GenCon in August, I hope to see you there!

Much loves and hugs!
<3 Jenn